The increasingly determined and stubborn little ones conquer the first positions

The positive affirmation of the Pharmasuisse Freeracing Team continues in the Lombardy regional championship.
The increasingly determined and stubborn little ones conquer the first positions.

Class 65 cc.
Eddie Milano: continues his determination to conquer the podium on his little 65 cc husky. with the first victory of the heats and finishing in 3rd place overall in the Crotta Dadda race, to then reaffirm the podium again in the 3rd absolute position in the Lodi Vecchio race.
Manuel Fantin: the nice MTB champion, continues his growth by improving his final positions in each race.

85cc class.
Nory Bussoleni: not an easy debut in a class of little veterans that led Nory to fight for the top ten in both the Crotta d’Adda and Ceriano Laghetto races.
While in the Lodi Vecchio race too much mud slowed Nory in the comebacks.

Class Mx1.
Marco Santomenico: after an excellent performance in the mud of Chieve, Marco affirms himself in the 4th position overall in Ceriano Laghetto, getting closer and closer to the podium of the overall.
Gabriele Pantò: excellent return to the Ceriano Laghetto race by Gabriele Pantò after the injury suffered in 2021 during a training. Gabriele affirms his ability as a fast and lightning driver in the starts from the gate, registering the 2nd place in the holeshot. Only a fall during an overtaking took him out of the top ten.

Ready for the next adventure with Team Phrmasuisse Freeracing and Coach Oscar Polli.