In 2011 PharmaSuisse became the official partner of international motorcycle raids in the deserts: PharmaSuisse FreeRacing Team.

The creation of the PharmaSuisse FreeRacing Team stems from the need for aggregation between sportsmen with the same passion and competitiveness in the world of Motocross, Enduro, Moto Rally, and Adventure.

The goal is to promote under the same brand, both at an amateur and competitive level, the world of two-wheeled off-road vehicles.

The PharmaSuisse FreeRacing Team was born from the decades of experience of the 2008 World Rally Raid Champion, Winner of the Dakar Africa Eco Race 2012 and Gold Medal for Italian Athletic Valor, Oscar Polli.

Oscar Polli began his activity as an off-road rider in 1982 participating in the Lombardy regional motocross championship of 125 cc.
In the following years, he participated in various 125cc and 250cc championships, placing fourth in the Lombardy regional in 1988. Later, he moved to the Italian Motocross Championship placing in the top 10 overall of the 125/250 class. He participated for three years in the Italian Championship Cross on sand (Supermarecross) always placing in the top ten.
In 1992 he participated in his first rally, the “Rally di Sardegna” and participated in the Italian Motorally championship winning the championship in 1995 with team FreeRacing, in 1995 he participated in the Senior Enduro Championship coming fourth in the 500 class and then finally landed in African marathons such as Rally Tunisia, the Rally of the Pharaohs and the Dakar, which saw him among the protagonists in the years 1998, 1999 and 2006.
In 2008 he was Cross Country Rallies World Champion and in 2012 winner of the Africa Eco Race.
To date, Oscar has competed in over 100 races around the world, making him one of the most experienced international drivers.